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Route 169, Connecticut

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A lazy country road in the Quiet Corner of Connecticut.

Photo of valley near East Woodstock, CT Not enough can be said about Route 169, a lazy, winding road through the rural northeastern corner of Connecticut. In fact, a 32-mile stretch of Route 169 is listed as a National Historic Byway. One magazine lists this stretch of asphalt as one of the top ten most beautiful roads in the United States. One look at villages such as Woodstock, South Woodstock, Pomfret, and Brooklyn and it is understandable why it is included on this list.

Photo of Woodstock, CT Route 169 winds its way through rolling hills, past farmstands and general stores, and above quiet valleys. Prep schools, upscale homes, and classy restaurants and inns add an air of elegance to the route. And if you're looking for great shopping and entertainment,'re in the wrong place. But that's exactly why this road is so special. Route 169 is surely an unknown treasure among the back roads of New England.

Map of Route 169 in Connecticut: Click here to find the location of the most scenic stretch of Route 169.


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