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Route 16, New Hampshire

(Scenic Drives of America Feature)

A road to the mountains, lakes, and deep forests of New Hampshire.

Photo of the Presidential Range and Route 16, NH While everyone seem to know the beautiful Kancamagus Highway in New Hampshire, not many realize that Route 16, from just south of Conway north to the Maine border, is also beautiful. Route 16 is often seen as a way to get to other places (such as the North Conway outlets), and from Portsmouth to Chocorua, it is indeed a busy, high-speed road. But from Chocorua northward, Route 16 becomes much different.

Photo of the Thirteen Mile Woods from Route 16, between Errol and Berlin, NH From the incredible sight of Mt. Chocorua to the view of Mt. Washington from North Conway, Route 16 gets progressively more scenic as it heads north. Route 16 goes past charming Jackson and up to rugged Pinkham Notch, then drops into a valley, eventually reaching the Thirteen Mile Woods, a photographer's haven. Route 16 may not have the cache of other scenic byways, but it definitely one special road.

Map of Route 16 in New Hampshire: Click here to find the location a particularly scenic stretch of Route 16 in New Hampshire.


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