15 Cool Things To Do In Temecula On Your Trip

Temecula is located in Riverside County, California, just north of San Diego.

It is an extremely popular resort destination that is known for its vineyards, golf courses, and festivals.

15 Cool Things To Do In Temecula On Your Trip

It is a fantastic place for a vacation or a weekend getaway for those living on the west coast. 

Below we have compiled a list of 15 things you can do in Temecula to make your trip one to remember.

1. Visit A Winery

Temecula is probably best known for its abundance of wineries and vineyards, with there being almost 50 in the area.

Unlike other wineries, the ones in Temecula are more relaxed. Most of them you don’t need a reservation for and you can arrive in your daywear instead of your best evening wear.

This makes it the perfect destination for a romantic laid-back date or a day out with friends. 

On top of visiting the wineries, you can get a tour across multiple of them. There are ones that take you by coach, and even by horse and carriage. 

There are wineries everywhere in Temecula, so it won’t be difficult to find one near where you are staying.

Remember that California is hot, so drink responsibly and make sure you are properly hydrated with water throughout the day.

2. Dig At The Oceanview & Pala Chief Gem Mines

While there are many mines that let you have a go at panning for gold, there aren’t many that boast being a gem mine.

At the Oceanview mine, you get a brief training session before being provided with all of the tools you need to mine your own gem.

While you will mainly find tourmaline, you get to keep whatever you find. You won’t become a millionaire and find the rarest gemstones, but you will probably find something pretty that will become a precious memory for you.

3. Go On A Hot Balloon Ride

Hot air balloons are the perfect way to experience all of Temecula, as you look down on it from the skies.

You get to experience the tranquil feeling of flying above the gorgeous vineyards and buildings. The incredible views are the perfect opportunity for a photo opportunity.

The balloons are weather dependent, so make sure you look at the weather before booking your flight. They are also only done in the mornings so that they avoid the afternoon and evening winds.

Well-behaved children are welcome so why not enjoy the fantastic views with the whole family.

4. Visit Ricardo Breceda’s Art Gallery

There are very few art galleries like this, you get to marvel at the wonderful metal creations out in the open air.

The metal sculptures are mainly of different animals such as spiders and horses, but there are a few people and mythical creatures like dragons.

On occasion, you may even see a sculpture of a popular fictional character.

The real beauty in these sculptures is in the details, you could spend hours focusing on one piece.

It is definitely worth a visit to see some unique and stunning artwork.

5. Visit Old Town Temecula

At the heart of Temecula is Old Town Temecula, where you get to experience the rich history of the city.

It is a great free day trip as you wander around looking at the breathtaking architecture in the town.

There you can go to a variety of art galleries and antique stores, and get some delicious food.

It is not just a place to reminisce about the past, it also comes alive with parades and live shows throughout the year.

If you are fortunate enough to visit on the weekend, Saturdays are reserved for the farmers market so you get to experience local delicacies.

6. Go On The Temecula Ghost And Pub Tour

The perfect nighttime experience is one of ghosts and beer. This tour is about 1 mile long and you get to hear haunted stories about the town, and also partake in some beverages from the local pubs.

7. Visit Alpaca Hacienda

Alpacas are very cute and here you get to learn all about them and hopefully pet some. 

After your alpaca experience, you get to go to the gift store where there are alpaca-themed items and even clothes made out of alpaca fur.

You need to make reservations beforehand but this is the perfect activity for animal lovers.

8. Go To Pechanga Resort And Casino

This is the largest resort casino on the west coast and is a definite visit.

It was built in 2002 and is a Native American casino that is on the Pechanga Indian Reserve.

You get to try your luck at slot machines and table games, or simply relax with some incredible food. 

If you stay here, you may be inclined to never leave as it has everything you could ever want on vacation such as a pool, spa, and golf course.

9. Go To The Temecula Valley Museum

Whenever you visit a new place, it is a great idea to visit the local museum. You get to learn all about their history and what made the city the place it is today.

At the Temecula Valley Museum, you can learn about the local band of Native Americans, the development of the city, and see some old farming equipment.

It is perfect for the family as there is a discovery area where you can get hands-on. There is also a picnic area and playground so you can spend the whole day there.

Make sure you book a tour in advance so you get a guide to show you around the whole museum.

10. Visit Pennypickle’s Workshop

Another destination that is perfect for kids. This is a museum that teaches children all about science and history through the fictional character Professor Phineas T. Pennypickle.

There are lots for children to interact with and is a great way for them to burn some energy and learn at the same time.

11. Go On The Temecula Scavenger Hunt

When you visit the Temecula Visitor Center, you are able to pick up a scavenger hunt kit.

This will give you clues to solve puzzles and challenges around the city, almost like an outdoor escape room.

This provides you with a fun way to explore the city and see some of the larger attractions. It is a useful way to stop you from wandering around town trying to figure out where to go next.

12. Visit Sugarplum Zoo

The Sugarplum zoo is 8 acres of land and is commonly called a ‘therapy zoo’. A therapy zoo is where the animals are specifically trained to be kind and caring towards visitors and allow a hands-on experience.

This zoo was initially opened to help children with learning disabilities, but now it is open to the public.

The animal population consists of rehomed and rescued animals, so you get to experience a large variety there.

You get to have a calm day of petting and feeding animals, and then for a pick-me-up, you can indulge in some homemade chocolate that the owner of the zoo makes.

13. Walk Down Promenade Temecula

Whether you want to window shop or actually shop, the promenade is the place to do so.

It is a beautiful huge shopping center that has around 200 shops in it. No matter what you are looking for, you can probably find it at the promenade. 

You can also take a breather and simply people-watch for a couple of minutes. 

If you have some time to burn, there is also a cinema there so you are able to watch the latest box office hits.

Finally, after a long day of shopping, you are able to sit in one of the many restaurants and enjoy a filling and delicious meal.

14. Relax At Spa Pechanga

Located next to the resort and casino is the Spa Pechanga. There you get to relax after a long week of activities.

You can sit in the sauna or get a luxurious massage. They even have a fitness center and a nail and hair salon to make you look as good as you feel.

15. Participate In Ax Throwing

Ax throwing is the perfect way to make you feel like an action hero. It is a great place to learn a new skill and relieve some stress.

It is located at the SoCal Axe Club and it is highly recommended that you visit the wineries after your throwing session instead of before.

Final Thoughts

On top of these activities, Temecula has festivals that happen throughout the year so it is a good idea to plan your trip around one.

As you can see, there are lots of things to do for both adults and children, which makes it perfect for a family vacation (see also ‘15 Cool Things To Do In Waikiki On Your Trip‘).

You could also take a day trip to San Diego and experience the sights there.

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