15 Best Stephen King Audiobooks For Long Road Trips

Stephen King is one of the most popular authors in the world, known for his thrilling and captivating novels and short stories.

A lot of his amazing work has been made into audiobooks, perfect for those winter evenings when you need something to lose yourself into. 

Best Stephen King Audiobooks For Long Road Trips

Audiobooks are also great for long car journeys. Rather than listening to music, you can lose yourself in another world by listening to an incredible story read by a wonderful narrator. 

This article will be listing 15 of the best Stephen King audiobooks you can switch on to keep you company on any road trips you may be going on (if you want something more sci-fi, check out our favorite Star Wars Audiobooks) . 

1. The Shining

Of course, it would be rude not to start this list with one of the classics. Published in 1977, this novel is based on Jack who is the off-season caretaker at the Overlook Hotel. His son begins to experience powers that allow him to see the scary, horrifying past of that hotel. 

Slowly, Jack begins to be taken over by this terror, and he starts turning into a homicidal villain. The entire story is narrated by Campbell Scott who has been praised for his ability to switch between characters’ voices. 

This is the perfect audiobook if you’re in the mood for something thrilling while you drive, especially at night!

2. It

While the hit movie released in 2017 brought popularity to this story, it was actually published in 1986. 

It revolves around seven adults who return to Derry in Maine in order to hunt down a creature who haunted them when they were children. The story is narrated by Steven Weber, an actor who is skilled in bringing these stories to life. 

If you’re in the mood for a spooky tale to accompany you on your road trip, you can’t go wrong with this one. 

3. 11-22-63

This novel has less of a spooky element and more of an alternate history feel to it. It follows English teacher Jake Epping as he goes back in time to when the assassination of John Kennedy happened.

He now has the power to stop it, and the entire novel is narrated by Craig Wasson, who really brings the story to life. 

There are 30 hours and 40 minutes of listening time, perfect for any long road trips you have planned. 

4. The Stand 

If you’re a fan of disaster stories, then The Stand is the one for you! This post-apocalyptic novel tells the story of a world where a virus has wiped out most humanity. 

The survivors begin to panic, with some choosing violence and others wanting to find a sense of belonging. The original book was nominated for the World Fantasy Award for Best Novel back in 1979, and since then, King has added several bits of new material. 

This audiobook will provide you with 48 hours of listening time with a very engaging narrator named Grover Gardner. 

5. The Green Mile 

The Green Mile

This is a favorite from Stephen King, and clocks in at 13 hours and 53 minutes of listening time, so it’s shorter than the other options on this list so far.

It tells you the story of Paul Edgecombe, a death row supervisor who has several encounters with John Coffey, an inmate who displays some special powers. 

If you’re not too much of a fan of horror, but would still like to lose yourself in a Stephen King novel, then this novel is a good place to start. 

6. The Outsider

The Outsider is one of Stephen King’s more recent novels. Straight after it’s publication, it was made into a 10-part HBO series with Jared Leto as the main star. This is a testament to its popularity and great story line.

It’s a thriller that tells the gripping story of the murder of an 11-year-old boy and takes you through the journey of discovering who did it. 

This suspenseful story is the perfect road trip listen! 

7. Sleeping Beauties 

What makes this novel so special is that it is a collaboration between Stephen King and his son, Owen.

It also has more of a fantasy element, rather than a horror one, as it tells the story of a future period where women fall asleep for long periods of time and can’t be woken up without feeling horrible effects. 

This is another wonderful option if you’re not too big on horror. Marin Ireland, the narrator, does a fantastic job of taking you to this alternate universe. 

8. Lisey’s Story

Lisey’s story is more of an intimate novel, which isn’t usually the norm for Stephen King. It follows the story of Lisey Lanson, who’s husband recently died. After his death, she learns some unsettling information about his past. 

There’s a combination of love, affection, and complete terror within this novel, making it one of the best stories you’ll ever lose yourself in. 

The narration is also fantastic, done by Mare Winningham. 

9. Skeleton Crew 

This option is a collection of two poems, one novella, and 19 short stories written throughout a period of 17 years.

It has been highly praised for being able to showcase how Stephen King’s writing has matured over the years, as the first story was written when he was just 18 years old. 

The Mist is a story that is included in the collection, which is one of the most popular novels by King, and has even been made into a motion picture.

Each story has a different narrator reading it to you, and each short story can serve you well for a single car journey. 

10. The Institute 

The Institute 

This is another novel with more of a supernatural feel to it. It follows the lives of kids with powers after their parents have been killed to be used as lab rats. 

These kids are all kept together, and the main character Luke begins to struggle with life and tries finding a way to escape. The narrator gives unique voices to each character, really bringing the story to life. 

This is a great novel to start your Stephen King journey with. 

11. Misery 

Misery is an engaging and cryptic story about a nurse who wants payback from her author patient for killing off her favorite character. 

Nurse Annie Wilkes begins to torture the author in order for him to resurrect the character. This novel is engaging, scary, uncomfortable, but fabulous in every way. 

Lindsay Crouse does a fantastic job of portraying all the tense and uncomfortable feelings throughout the novel. If you want to feel every emotion under the sun on your road trip, then this audiobook is the one for you. 

12. The Dead Zone

Narrated by the well-known James Franco, who also played the main character in King’s Hulu adaptation of 11/22/63, this novel is about Jonny Smith who has just woken up from a coma with powers that allow him to see the pasts and futures of those he physically touches. 

This becomes a problem when he touches a politician and sees a troublesome future. The story is filled with suspense and is very thrilling. James Franco also does a phenomenal job portraying the inner struggles of the main character. 

This is a great audiobook option, even if it’s just to have James Franco keep you company while you drive! 

13 Pet Sematary 

King himself, claims that this work scared him the most, so of course, it needs to be included in this list. 

This horror story is truly gut-wrenching and follows a college professor as he discovers the supernatural powers that lie in the pet burial behind his backyard (if you want more horrifying audiobooks for a long trips, check out our guide here).

The story takes you through some disturbing events, and all of that is amplified by narrator Michael C. Hall, who starred in the series Dexter. 

He really brings this story to life, so if you’re up for listening to something thrilling and quite frankly, disturbing, then this is the one for you. 

14 Doctor Sleep

This is the sequel to The Shining, so if you’re a fan of that story, this one is not to be missed. It follows Danny Torrance as he tries to save a young girl from paranormals. The narrator, Will Patton even won an Audie Award for this novel, so you definitely won’t be disappointed. 

15 Carrie 


This was King’s first published book, and it is up there with his most iconic work. It was made into a movie in 1976, and lead actress Sissy Spacek did the honors of recording her voice for the audiobook version. 

No one understands the lead character better than her, so you are in for a treat when listening to this audiobook. 

Final Thoughts 

Stephen King is one of the most popular authors on the globe. Therefore, it is only fitting that you include some of his audiobooks to your listening list for any road trips you have planned. 

Each and every one of his novels is truly captivating, with many of them containing aspects of horror that will stay with you even after you’ve reached your destination. 

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