About Us

When it comes to traveling across the United States, there is an abundance of things to see and do. From visiting the natural wonders, such as the Niagara Falls, and the Grand Canyon, to exploring bustling cities such as New York, and Las Vegas. There is something for everyone, and we could not be more proud to live in such a varied, and beautiful continent.

We are Bryce Smith and Elijah Brown, two friends with a passion for America and traveling. Growing up in Bangor, Maine was fantastic, but our shared passion has always been exploring and traveling. After graduating from high school, in 2014, we made a pact to travel across America, to visit each state and experience everything it has to offer.

It has been an incredible experience so far, and we have traveled to so many beautiful and unique places. This is why we have set up this blog, to showcase everything America has to offer. Our aim is to compile a complete travel guide of America; taking our readers through all the interesting and niche places they should visit in each state.

We hope this blog will bring you joy, and spark a passion for road trips and sightseeing. It is the ultimate guide of places to visit, travel tips, food, and everything in between. All the information and tips included we have gathered and learned through our travels across the States.

Get your backpack and van ready, and come and explore America with us.